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Reviews From Our Customers

meleamore 27/08/2020

14k 18k Gold Crescent Moon and 3 Stars Gold Necklace

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this necklace! It's so cute and dainty and I can easily wear solo or pair it with other necklaces. I've received so many compliments. This store was sooo easy and wonderful to work with! They even double checked our order before shipping out and gave recommendations too! I will definitely be purchasing from them again and telling everyone about them too!
Kim Fowler 09/01/2020

14k 18k Gold Crescent Moon and 3 Stars Gold Necklace

Very happy with the moon and stars necklace I ordered. Gave it to my daughter for Christmas and she hasn’t taken it off since! Sefa was great with communication and shipping was very quick! Will definitely order again! Thank you!
colleen duncan 08/10/2019

14k Gold Double Row Chain Crescent Moon and Star Bracelet

I purchased the white gold bracelet. It is beautifully crafted design and feminine too. Seller add information with bracelet per the 14 k gold. Very nice professional packaging and good shipping time frame too.
Cynthia Quance 16/09/2019

14k 18k Gold Crescent Moon and 3 Stars Gold Necklace

I love it!! It is so cute, dainty & shiny! ✨ just what I needed to match my star stud earrings. Shipping was fast too. Thank you so much.
adixon 25/08/2019

14k Gold Double Row Chain Crescent Moon and Star Bracelet

Beautiful and perfect! Fantastic communication and fast shipping. Thanks so much! I'll be back!

Solitaire Ring Models

The most elegant stone ...

Engagement rings are differentiated with Goldstore designs, turning into rings of excellent quality ...

You have numerous alternatives to find the solitaire ring of your dreams in the very special designs of Goldstore.

Goldstore Solitaire Rings

Engagement rings are worn by women as engagement rings, especially in western cultures. Women often want to have diamond rings with solitaire rings. Even though stone is used in solitaire rings in all colors, white stone solitaire rings are too much to compare. Diamond solitaire rings price exceed the budget, cubic zirconia solitaire rings are decided.

Even where couples prefer interdependent wedding rings for word, engagement and wedding rings, women prefer to use the ring of solitaire, which represents a formal agreement for the future marriage, next to the wedding ring.

Solitaire rings seems to be used in different fingers in western countries, although it is traditionally worn on the left hand ring finger. A vein (vena amoris) that goes directly to the heart is believed to be on the finger of this ring.

As with all jewelry, the design of the solitaire ring determines the design of the ring, the metal and the type and quality of the stone used. Diamonds or zirconia stones are used as white stone in gold solitaire rings. Goldstore solitaire zircon rings are an indispensable option for solitaire diamond rings. Diamonds (diamonds), carat weight, color, clarity and cut according to the property 4C property value is valued. Solitaire rings consisting of other precious stones such as Solitaire sapphire, Ruby Solitaire, Emerald Solitaire can be taken as a family tradition or as a family heirloom.

Together with solitaire rings, plain wedding rings, eternity rings, half eternity rings, 5 stone rings, 7 stone rings and eternity wedding bands are fitted as combination.

Bring your happiness to eternity with the Goldstore solitaire ring. Diamond Engagement Rings 0.05 Carat, 0.10 Carat, 0.15 Carat 0.20 Carat, 0.30 Carat, 0.40 Carat 0.50 Carat and almost any size and carat diamond with the Internet's golden-hearted jewelery is presented to your liking in Goldstore. The large solitaire diamond ring statement is used for 1 carat and 1 carat diamonds. 0.30 Carat diamond solitaire diamond rings in me and in Turkey are medium in size and the size of most orders. Engagement rings turn into timeless beauties by going beyond being an accessory that adorns fingers with Goldstore designs. Produced in excellent quality with the glamorous fit of rings and diamonds, Goldstore solitaire diamond rings are offered with special offers that you can easily have now with the most affordable price in unlimited types and model, with installment options in advance price.

Among the most popular rings, solitaire rings stand out among the jewels that make women feel special. For this reason, men now choose solitaire diamond rings as an indispensable gift of marriage proposal. Diamond, which takes its value from its uniqueness, continues to be fashioned by adding a dazzling elegance to solitaire ring models. Goldstore's unique designs come to life with solitaire rings and passion for love.

Solitaire Ring Prices

For those who want to tell about your love, zircon solitaire rings also take their place in the fingers as a reflection of naturalness. The size of zircon stones does not affect the price of solitaire rings much. The weight of the unit, which is suitable for the stone size, affects the price. If the stone is diamond, the determining factor in the price of the single stone ring is the size of the stone or the carat weight. Prices of single stone rings are increasing as the diamond carat increases. The gold solitaire rings can be found in the Goldstore online jewelry store in all three colors including white gold solitaire rings, yellow gold solitaire rings and pink (rose gold) gold solitaire rings. Until recently, solitaire rings with 14 karat rings and 18 karat rings are now available in 8k gold and 10k gold. The only proof of love is the solitaire ring models, which help to spread love in every detail.

The use of solitaire started with solitaire rings continues with the purchase of complementary pieces of solitaire necklaces and solitaire earrings. Even diamonds of diamonds are required to be enlarged. As part of the büyük Goldstore Diamond Exchange Program “, you can change your previously taken diamonds with a larger diamond.

All the precious stones used in Goldstore solitaire ring jewels are selected by our Goldstore Diamond and Color Stone Specialists individually and carefully. This allows you to find the same perfection in every Goldstore product you purchase. Hundreds of stylish and elegant options on the solitaire rings are waiting for you at the 'Gold Heart Jewelery of the Internet' Goldstore.