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Brynn 18/06/2019

14k Solid Gold Sideways Initial Gold Necklace

Love this necklace! Very high quality, and Sefa communicated throughout the whole process. Not to mention it was shipped AND delivered within 4 days of my order being placed, and there was a weekend in the middle of that! Will absolutely shop here again!
Staceykim831 17/06/2019

14k Solid Gold Sideways Initial Gold Necklace

exactly what I asked for, fast responses, fast shipping, and amazing quality product. Could not have had a more positive experience. Definitely ordering from this merchant again
JMarcela 15/06/2019

14K Solid Gold Minimal Personalized Initial Disk Necklace

I am so in love with my purchase! My initials discs are so cute! The shipping was super fast and the communication was great. Definitely will be ordering again from here.
Arlene 15/06/2019

14K Solid Gold Evil Eye Bracelet

I ordered this bracelet 6/2/19. Three eyeballs and 8 mm. It arrived within two weeks. I love it. It’s beautiful and well made. It arrived in a beautifully wrapped bag and box. It shipped on time and I am thrilled with it.
Sara Banks 14/06/2019

14k Solid Gold Sideways Initial Gold Necklace

Quick shipping and great communication!


It's not just your finger, you will feel in your heart.

The most precious stones and metals of the world, each detail is selected with an extraordinary mastery and meticulously transformed into Goldstore's unique ring designs. Glamorous and stylish to add new meanings to life ...

With the signature of Goldstore.

Reflection of Elegance Rings

Rings are circular objects attached to the hand or toes, arms or neck. Rings are used as an expression of a symbolic meaning and they are jewelry and accessories that women cannot give up. They are most commonly worn by hand fingers. Rings from past to present; as an accessory, as a symbol of authority, as a religious symbol and most importantly as an expression of love. The round shape expressed the loyalty, continuity, eternity and perfection of the rings. Therefore, the most meaningful and precious gift that comes to mind when it comes to all-time, endless love is the ring. 

The solitaire ring dazzles every period as the eternal love of eternal love, eternal witness of eternal love. Five stones rings and eternity rings are also worn as a team with solitaire rings. Exactly love evokes the rings, eye-catching beautiful diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies and gold, bringing together with an extraordinary glow meets us. One of the most popular options for wedding anniversary gifts or birthday gifts is the ring models, proof that every moment of your life is full of love. Goldstore produces rings for every budget and offers 5 stone ring models at every price range in the Goldstore.

Goldstore manufactures all three color gold ring models, including white gold rings, yellow gold rings and rose gold rings, on 8K gold rings, 10K gold rings, 14K gold rings, 18K gold rings, 22K gold rings or even 24K gold rings.

Giving life to the rings with a passion from the heart for 3 generations, Goldstore brings the most precious stones of diamonds, rose cut diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphire carefully to each other and gives unique jewels life. Amethyst ring, citrine ring, blue topaz ring, peridot ring, tourmaline rings, garnet ring, agate ring accompanied by enthusiasm.

The pearl, known as the queen of the stones, takes its place in the pearl ring models of white pearl to pink pearl, from lavender pearls to black pearls in different colors.

The youngest of 900 million years old, the exquisite gift of nature, the rings decorated with diamonds are always elegant and glamorous to make you feel special, one of the most delicate jewels you will get to your loved one or to yourself. The diamond rings presented with the signature of Goldstore are meticulously designed to the finest detail and carefully produced for the delicate fingers of women.

Special rings for lovers who do not know the boundaries, especially a stylish and ambitious ring model, looking for the most beautiful designs enchanted with diamonds are enchanting. Diamond with a chic look, even more delicate diamonds showing the most unique feelings, not just your finger on your heart makes you feel.

For those who wish to express their love with a more modest gift, the rings adorned with zircon stones are the ideal choice. Zircon gold solitaire rings are the favorite of those who cannot give up classical models, while zircon rings are full of rings that allow those who prefer wedding rings to choose with advantageous prices. For those who cannot give up the ring, but look for a more economical model, the zircon sapphire gold models are found in Goldstore. Tria ring models reflect the past, present and future of your love with diamond or zircon stone details.

Insects, reptiles, birds, fish and many other animals and plants in nature have been the subject of jewelry design. You can reach the ring from the rings to the butterfly ring, the rings to the rings and the ring in many models and forms without going to the shops, internet comfort and the Goldstore assurance. Heart Rings, Eternity Rings, Triangle Rings, Anchor Rings, Vav Rings, Sword Rings, Moon Rings, Star Rings and Name Rings you want. 

Amethyst, sapphire, coral, ruby, topaz, or citrine stone rings offer the vitality of nature just as you imagine with designs that are out of the ordinary. Gemstones are offered with Goldstore quality and thoughtful production approach as the ideal choice of gift for your mother, sister or friend, not only for your lover or your partner. The joint ring models are at Goldstore with different alternatives where the modern style is reinterpreted with the most trendy figures. Special silver and gold ring models for men who care about accessories and style are also at Goldstore!

Gold ring models; Best price, seamless return-exchange, 5 years warranty, fast shipping with Goldstore. Get it now.