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Reviews From Our Customers

Brynn 18/06/2019

14k Solid Gold Sideways Initial Gold Necklace

Love this necklace! Very high quality, and Sefa communicated throughout the whole process. Not to mention it was shipped AND delivered within 4 days of my order being placed, and there was a weekend in the middle of that! Will absolutely shop here again!
Staceykim831 17/06/2019

14k Solid Gold Sideways Initial Gold Necklace

exactly what I asked for, fast responses, fast shipping, and amazing quality product. Could not have had a more positive experience. Definitely ordering from this merchant again
JMarcela 15/06/2019

14K Solid Gold Minimal Personalized Initial Disk Necklace

I am so in love with my purchase! My initials discs are so cute! The shipping was super fast and the communication was great. Definitely will be ordering again from here.
Sara Banks 14/06/2019

14k Solid Gold Sideways Initial Gold Necklace

Quick shipping and great communication!
Alessandra Kitabayashi 13/06/2019

14K Solid Gold Personalized Vertical Four Sided 3D Bar Necklace

The piece is a little small than showed in the picture, but still beautiful!!!! The quality is great and the customer service is outstanding! Sefa is very courteous and responded the messages almost immediately. The necklace arrived before that I expected. I definitely recommend and I would buy again! Thank you!!!!

Much more than a necklace,
part of your soul.

Goldstore, who takes its power from the happiness of its customers, designs them with the most precious stones and metals with a passion coming from the heart, and it produces all the details with the utmost care and skill.

Very special pieces from classics to modern designs.

Goldstore Necklaces to accompany your happiness

Necklaces used as magic and religious belief accessories, such as many jewelry, are the oldest jewelry used by both men and women in history. Over time, the jewelry that women mostly use has started to turn into jewelry. With this transformation, their size diminished and they were used as an integral part of the elegance in everyday and special moments.

Archaeological excavations of copper mines and lead-like ornaments were first encountered in mines by man. With the development of mine work, the man mixed the copper with the copper and found the electroma by mixing the gold with silver. Minerals used in jewelery making; gold, silver, platinum, copper, iron, bronze and electrum.

With its variety and models, it reflects the period fashion in the best way and turns into trend determining accessories with diamonds, pearls or natural stone ornaments. Elegant design and special posture with dazzling necklaces is one of the eye-catching pieces that everyone will want to include in their lives. Goldstore produces a wide range of different jewelery from classic to modern style, producing models, stylish design and meticulous workmanship. Necklace, jewelry design is the most subject group and can be divided into many different titles, from names to animal figures. Angel, butterfly, tree of life, the main hand of the conquest, eternity and luck are the figures and symbols of the mode that comes to mind first. Religious motifs written in God, modesty of vow, zulfiqar sword, national themed symbols of Atatürk and signature, moon stars and flags have always been the favorites. Dragonfly, elephant, owl, swallow, koala, fish, dolphin, lion, giraffe, swan, seahorses and many other animal-themed title, the neck of the neck are the gifts. Sometimes they are the subject of triangles, rectangles, circles or honeycomb indispensable jewelery, sometimes with plain stone and sometimes with geometric figures.

You will never want to separate the diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire models that Goldstore designs meticulously from each other's precious stones.

Amethyst, blue topaz, peridot, citrine, coral and turquoise pieces adorned by colored stones will accompany the chirp of your soul. The color of the light source, such as the color of the chameleon and the color change according to the source of the zultanite, glamorous jewelry is used in an eye-catching manner. Evil eye bead and eye stone models have always been a favorite. The sky is inspired by our designs, sometimes as a cloud and sometimes as a pole star.

Diamond and diamond reflect the light in the most beautiful way, giving life to the unique Goldstore Necklaces with glamorous sparkle. Diamonds, which will carry their meaning and value forever, are embellished with traditional motifs and feed the spirit of the intergenerational bond.

The pearl, which is the subject of legends with its romantic look, is transformed into more attractive models by being adorned in the light of Goldstore's jewelry expertise. The pearls, each one of which is unique jewelry, become a symbol of elegance and simplicity. Moreover, pearl necklaces, presented in the most beautiful color options such as white, pink, black, green and yellow, are one of the rare jewelry that women would not want to remove from their necks.

Diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, coral, topaz, peridot, tourmaline, zultanit, rose quartz, smoky quartz or zircon ... and the energy is remarkable. The color refreshing effect of the natural and natural colors of gold and silver, as if the color of the varieties of color and fits all tastes and budgets. Goldstore pays special attention to the prices of the jewelry, especially in favor of the customer. 2019 models and prices in 2017 models and prices have continued in the price. In the design of the 2018 models, of course, always the fashion and trains will be closely monitored and reflected on the production. Gold-colored gold models with great interest, with the most beautiful design understanding at Goldstore with you in a click!

The names that give meaning to the names are the stylish designs that you get to yourself or to the most special person in your life. It is up to Goldstore's expertise to produce gold or silver after choosing the letters or names you want!

Every detail of the Goldstore signature collection, which has been developed with extraordinary care and skill, is the jewelry that will enhance the elegant necks of women. Goldstore Necklaces will accompany you to your special moment, your meaningful day. Valentine's day gift, birthday gift, wedding anniversary gift, Christmas gift models; Best price, seamless return-exchange, 5 years warranty, fast shipping with Goldstore. Get it now.