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Reviews From Our Customers

meleamore 27/08/2020

14k 18k Gold Crescent Moon and 3 Stars Gold Necklace

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this necklace! It's so cute and dainty and I can easily wear solo or pair it with other necklaces. I've received so many compliments. This store was sooo easy and wonderful to work with! They even double checked our order before shipping out and gave recommendations too! I will definitely be purchasing from them again and telling everyone about them too!
Kim Fowler 09/01/2020

14k 18k Gold Crescent Moon and 3 Stars Gold Necklace

Very happy with the moon and stars necklace I ordered. Gave it to my daughter for Christmas and she hasn’t taken it off since! Sefa was great with communication and shipping was very quick! Will definitely order again! Thank you!
colleen duncan 08/10/2019

14k Gold Double Row Chain Crescent Moon and Star Bracelet

I purchased the white gold bracelet. It is beautifully crafted design and feminine too. Seller add information with bracelet per the 14 k gold. Very nice professional packaging and good shipping time frame too.
Cynthia Quance 16/09/2019

14k 18k Gold Crescent Moon and 3 Stars Gold Necklace

I love it!! It is so cute, dainty & shiny! ✨ just what I needed to match my star stud earrings. Shipping was fast too. Thank you so much.
adixon 25/08/2019

14k Gold Double Row Chain Crescent Moon and Star Bracelet

Beautiful and perfect! Fantastic communication and fast shipping. Thanks so much! I'll be back!

Colorful Natural Gemstone Models

The miraculous glow of naturalness.

Gemstones, one of the most beautiful gifts of nature, turn into jewels evoking elegance and aesthetics and quality. Colorful stone jewelry, which is designed with the highest level in every point, brings the harmony of vitality and positive energy to your life ...

From modern lines to classic designs with unique model options.

Gemstone Jewelry.

Thousands of jewelry from necklace to earring, ring to bracelet; glamorous look with precious stones. All precious and semi-precious stones used in the unique Goldstore Jewelry are selected by our Goldstore Diamond and Stone Color Specialists individually and carefully. As a result of this selection, precious stones come to life in jewels and dazzle with unique sparkles. The quality and authenticity of diamonds, which are guaranteed by Goldstore certificate, are rare parts with carat, cut, color and clarity features. Diamond rings, which have become the favorite of all women, are the parts that reflect the perfection with their ideal carat, color and clarity criteria.

Goldstore diamond necklaces that reflect your love, heart, eternity, butterfly, angel, and many other figures transform into brilliant models, are exclusive pieces that you can give to the special people in your life.

Goldstore's original design ideas and jewelry that you will not want to remove from the ear of the diamond earrings will sparkle your life! Diamonds will be your indispensable forever earrings of the era with a brand new breath is gained. Goldstore's distinctive earring models will be complementary to your elegance with a quality stance that will fit every outfit.

The fact that each diamond is different from one another enables us to reach unique jewels. Goldstore diamond bracelets, which are as unique as diamonds, have simple and simple features that evoke eternity. Becoming integral parts of perfection diamond set models. If you want to make the whole of elegance, you can find earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings

Diamond jewelry, which makes its difference at first sight with its distinguished appearance, comes to life with Goldstore's three generations of expertise and aesthetics. Diamond ring, earrings, bracelets and necklace models, gold combined with the elegance of your eyes can not be turned into jewels.

The emerald jewelry reflects the most beautiful green in the world, creating the ideal gift options for telling love. Goldstore Diamond and Colored Stone have been carefully selected by the enchanting emeralds, attracting attention with their energy and vitality features.

Sapphire, one of the most special and precious stones on earth, stands out among the elite jewels that carry the most beautiful shades of blue. Goldstore sapphire jewelry offers a completely different style with its unique model options for those who don't give up on quality.

The ruby ​​gem jewels that carry the loving tones of red make you feel full of freedom and self-confidence. The ruby ​​necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets that attract attention with their eye-catching colors are transformed into unique pieces with Goldstore's special production concept.

Women of all ages will be happy to use the pearl with the appearance of limpid; from necklace to earring, from ring to bracelets. With its natural sparkle, the pearl of the preferred jewels gives a classic elegance.

The amethyst that fascinates those who see the most beautiful shades of purple color adds positive emotions to your life with jewelry models. Goldstore signed amethyst jewelry, elegant design and special stance is appreciated by those who see.

Many jewelry models with blue topaz, turquoise, coral, mother of pearl, tanzanite and peridot stones are also available at Goldstore at affordable prices.

Gemstone jewelry models; Best price, 5 years warranty, free shipping with Gold Heart Jewelry of the Internet at Goldstore. Get it now.