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Reviews From Our Customers

meleamore 27/08/2020

14k 18k Gold Crescent Moon and 3 Stars Gold Necklace

Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this necklace! It's so cute and dainty and I can easily wear solo or pair it with other necklaces. I've received so many compliments. This store was sooo easy and wonderful to work with! They even double checked our order before shipping out and gave recommendations too! I will definitely be purchasing from them again and telling everyone about them too!
Kim Fowler 09/01/2020

14k 18k Gold Crescent Moon and 3 Stars Gold Necklace

Very happy with the moon and stars necklace I ordered. Gave it to my daughter for Christmas and she hasn’t taken it off since! Sefa was great with communication and shipping was very quick! Will definitely order again! Thank you!
colleen duncan 08/10/2019

14k Gold Double Row Chain Crescent Moon and Star Bracelet

I purchased the white gold bracelet. It is beautifully crafted design and feminine too. Seller add information with bracelet per the 14 k gold. Very nice professional packaging and good shipping time frame too.
Cynthia Quance 16/09/2019

14k 18k Gold Crescent Moon and 3 Stars Gold Necklace

I love it!! It is so cute, dainty & shiny! ✨ just what I needed to match my star stud earrings. Shipping was fast too. Thank you so much.
adixon 25/08/2019

14k Gold Double Row Chain Crescent Moon and Star Bracelet

Beautiful and perfect! Fantastic communication and fast shipping. Thanks so much! I'll be back!

Earring Models

They're in your ear, but They call out into the depths of your heart.

Goldstore brings together 3 different generations of different stone options with a wide selection of earrings.

Goldstore's jewelery designs turn into eye-catching beauty pieces and goes beyond being accessories.

Earrings Designed with Love

Earrings were mostly ornamented by men in the first ages. They became popular in Ancient Asia 7000 years ago. Earrings were used in different cultures for different purposes and purposes. Egyptians and Assyrians used earrings as class and status markers, wearing earrings showing which class they belonged to. In ancient Rome, it is known that earrings are worn only by slaves.

In general, earrings are jewelery charms that illuminate and complement the face, and they shed light on the meaning of smiles and glances. The earring, which is an important part of facial expression, has always maintained its place as indispensable jeweleries.

Goldstore gold earrings are mostly 14 carat earrings and 18 carat earrings as well as 8 carat and 10 carat gold earrings. Goldstore by stone experts each one carefully selected diamond using amethyst stones; Diamond earrings, diamond earrings, pearl earrings, emerald earrings, ruby ​​earrings, sapphire earrings and hundreds more are designed with love and transform into unique jewels.

Goldstore, which offers gold earrings of all colors in 2016 earrings models online for sale online, diversifies 2017 earrings by adding new models as white gold earrings, yellow gold earrings and rose gold earrings.

The key feature of earrings called spiked or screwed is the use of the invisible connection and the hanger piece directly through the earlobe and by attaching a butterfly or screw to the remaining spike. It is also known as stud earrings or stud earrings, especially preferred in solitaire earrings models. Solitaire diamond earrings are made of 0.20 carat diamond and form all kinds of goldstore earrings. Zircon stone earrings are produced with stones of all sizes. The size of the zircon stones is expressed in mm.

The ring earrings are circular or semi-circular in design and very similar to a ring. The ring earrings are generally in the form of a metal pulley which can pass through the ear holes. They are usually made of metal tubes with a thin wire attachment that penetrates their ears. Both parts of the ring earrings are completely mated and give life to the earrings. The outer surface of the front half of the front circle is placed on the inner surface of the circle behind it to form the exact form.

Men's earrings are often stud, studded, and ring earrings are preferred. White stone and black stone earrings are the favorites of every period.

Diamonds in diamond earrings models are transformed into unique eye-catching earrings by being matched in the most harmonious way as carat, clarity, cut and color. Diamond earrings, which reflect the light in the best way with their ideal segments, are produced from gold or silver mine. The pearl earrings models, which reflect the naturalness of the pearl, are accepted as the models that are sought in every period.

The refinement of nature's purity diamond earrings with diamonds reaching the peaks have a lasting and fascinating glow forever. Exquisite diamond earrings reflect every detail with an excellent taste and design approach. A collection of stone earrings, in which antique jewelry earrings decorated with sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst and topaz stones, are offered to the taste of women.

Goldstore's graceful ideas, the shaky earring models are decorated with various kinds of stones and the most elegant appearance is seen. You'll have the attention on an invitation or a special day with shabby diamond earrings with unorthodox models. For those who favor simplicity, the special gold ball earrings are the favorite pieces that will be with you at any moment of the day.

Young women, from time to time, use bronze and prince materials and earrings made of metal. On the other hand, the preferences of mature women usually consist of gold or silver jewelery earrings made of precious metals.

There are many alternatives to Goldstore for those who want to buy gifts for the most special people in your life or to shop for themselves. Valentine's day gifts, mother's day gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, birthday gifts and all the gift you want to find the right options for your Goldstore Earrings, whisper your love to her.

The adorable look of the adorable children's earrings, each era's fashion ring earrings and one of the heart earring models is definitely for you!

Earrings; Best price, 5 years warranty, free shipping with Gold Heart Jewelery of the Internet at Goldstore. Get it now.