About Goldstore

The one and the only passion for our three generations

We, as Goldstore, consider our job as a family inheritance being kept alive for three generations. We launched out the jewelry retail under the name of “İkizoğulları Kuyumculuk”as a father profession. Over the years having specialized in design, we reached the level of undertaking even the jewelry manufacturing phase.

We pull each product apart at every phase from design to manufacturing and use our knowledge and experience to the greatest extent at every phase from merchandising to online sale.

Both precious and semi-precious stones which we use in our products are sorted out carefully after a one by one examination by our experts on Goldstore Diamond and Colorful Stones. Here is the formula that enables us to offer the very excellence in every Goldstore product that you buy.

We manufacture products of high quality using the most precious stones and metals. Meanwhile, we also offer boutique alternatives to our customers with our custom-made jewellery design department.

Our business idea is a sharing well beyond the online merchandising with manufacture and sale phases. We draw our strength from customer happiness and this motivates us in designing, manufacturing and delivering.

We offer a customer satisfaction-oriented service quality in our sales of which every phase we monitor one to one. We produce solutions with one hundred percent customer satisfaction in product exchange and return processes and respond to all sorts of demands from our customers as to meet satisfactorily.